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Beverley Holt

PositionReiki Master
My mission is to bring people together and more love into the world. One way I achieve this is by raising conscious awareness. The other is to provide relaxing, rejuvenating, pampering and healing treatments. One of my gifts is helping people to relax, find inner calm and peace of mind. It doesn’t matter what treatment you come for, you will leave feeling more balanced and centered. As technologies in the field of beauty therapies have advanced, so have my repertoire of services. Some of these newer therapies include Pure Oxygen Treatments, Chakra Body Energy Work , magnets, crystals and advanced Ayurvedic Treatments. I take an holistic approach to all my therapies. At Riviera Reiki I’ve created a warm, calm, friendly, space. I burn essential oils and play soft relaxing music. On your first visit you will fill out a health consultation form and receive a footspa & an organic foot scrub. This helps you to LET GO & relax before your pampering. Everyone enjoys the view of the mountains and the peace! Most people are very busy today they forget to breathe. They don’t realise how much stress and tension they are holding in their body. We get more knots in our body from stress than we do from alcohol, drugs or knock on injuries. I teach people how to breathe properly and if interested I will teach you a very simple breathing meditation exercise to help you to calm your mind. You can even practice this on a bus, at the traffic lights in your car and even in a busy airport! Instant relief! I worked for many years in Australia with The Australian Rugby Team-The Wallabies,and travelled with them to South Africa for the World Cup Rugby Union! I also worked with several elite athletes & VIP clients. Many of whom I still see . Lots of Doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors referred clients to me and I also worked with top Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons pre and post surgery to enhance the health of the clients skin and aid healing with my State odf the Art Oxygen Skin Therapies! I owned & worked in a Holistic Health & Wellbeing Day Spa where I held monthly information evenings to inform the public about Holistic Therapies . I work intuitively often combining many therapies. Most of my clients come to me because they LOVE being nurtured!
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